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If you recently experienced a dizzy spell or have chest pain, you may need an electrocardiogram (EKG). This diagnostic test assesses the electrical activity in your heart. Thirumalesh Venkatesh, MD, at Seven Hills Medical Center in Brooklyn and Franklin Square, New York, is an experienced internal medicine physician with an in-office EKG machine. Dr. Venkatesh can assess heart health immediately when you come in for care. To schedule an EKG, call the office today or book online.

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What is an EKG?

An EKG is a diagnostic tool that assesses the electrical activity in your heart. It’s a very common noninvasive, painless test used to assess heart health and activity. It works by measuring and recording the electrical activity of your heart as it beats, and records both the timing and strength of your beat.

By offering EKG testing at the office, Dr. Venkatesh can assess heart health quickly and get you the answers you’re searching for.

Why would I need an EKG?

You may benefit from an EKG for a number of reasons. Common health concerns that may require an EKG include:

  • Chest pain
  • Heart palpitations
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Recent episode of lightheadedness or dizzy spells
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling fatigued after exercise

Dr. Venkatesh may also suggest an EKG if you have a heart condition or have a history of a heart attack.

What can I expect during an EKG?

An EKG is a painless test that doesn’t require much time to complete. During your EKG, Dr. Venkatesh has special electrodes placed on your chest and back in precise areas. He may also attach a few electrodes to your arms or legs.

The electrodes are attached to a machine that measures the electrical activity in your heart. During the testing, it’s important that you’re comfortable and remain as still as possible to get the most accurate results.

There’s no downtime following your EKG and you can resume your usual activities after your test. However, Dr. Venkatesh may provide specific guidelines based on the results of your EKG.

What happens after my EKG?

Dr. Venkatesh reviews the results of your EKG with you and devises a plan of care. Your EKG tells Dr. Venkatesh how fast your heart beats and whether you’re experiencing any irregularities in heart rhythm.

An EKG also helps provide clues that indicate structural changes in your heart, as well as whether your heart gets an adequate supply of blood. Through an EKG, Dr, Venkatesh can also determine if you’ve recently had a heart attack or are currently experiencing a heart attack.

An EKG is a simple and informative test that Dr. Venkatesh conducts at the office. To schedule your EKG, call Seven Hills Medical Center today or book an appointment online.




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